Yankee Air Museum Tries to Raise $6 Million

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    Yankee Air Museum Tries to Raise $6 Million to Purchase Former B-24 Bomber Factory

    Yankee Air Museum Tries to Raise $6 Million to Purchase Former B-24 Bomber Factory | Warbirds News

    The Yankee Air Museum of Belleville, Michigan has just announced a $6 million campaign to purchase and undertake the necessary renovation costs to move the museum into a portion of the former General Motors Willow Run Powertrain Plant that originally was a factory, built by Henry Ford to manufacture B-24 Liberator bombers for World War II.

    The Yankee Air Museum, founded in 1981, is a private, non-profit museum and educational resource dedicated to the aviation history of southeastern Michigan. It sponsors the annual “Thunder Over Michigan” air show at Willow Run. The Museum currently is housed in a 47,000-square-foot facility that was dedicated in October 2010. This facility replaced the original Yankee Air Museum headquarters, which was destroyed by fire in 2004. As we recently reported, the Museum was planning to scrap several of their planes, a Douglas DC-6B, a Grumman A-6A Intruder and an Armstrong Whitworth Argosy AW.650 due to lack of space to house them and the excessive costs involved in moving the large planes over any meaningful distance. One hopes that the museum hasn’t let the planes be chopped up prematurely, at least until they know for sure whether space will be an issue for the organization going forward.

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    I hope it works, it'd be a shame to scrap those planes, especially the A-6, that's a cool plane. The Argosy would be a shame as well.

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