yeovilton airshow

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
just got back and it's amazing!! although once again, i was hoping to see the BBMF but they couldn't make it, i was so annoyed for want of a ruder word....................
I'm proud of it- I did it in January, and is the first of my planes to have the cockpit painted- but I made a bit of a mess of the inside.
I'm doing a 1:72 Corsair now, there was a Spit and Mustang for sale too, but they were 1:72 scale as well and I want a 1:48 of them.
crikey ;)

Wouldnt be that much, he only had a mustang, and thats not even in USAAF colours ;) he needs a p-38, b-17, b-29, b-24, catalina, corsair and a hellcat at least ;)
Corsair and Hellcat aren't USAAF, they were USN.
You'd spend as much money as my brother did on Bionicles (Lego). To date he has spent at LEAST $A400 on them, with each toy costing $12.95 here. CRAZY!

it's proberly best i don't say how much i've spent on lego over the years..............

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