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  • Hi Dirk,
    Any Category you see yourself in, i.e.,Cat 3. Beginner/Novice, Cat 2. Intermediate, or Cat 1. Advanced/Expert.
    If you can add this to the entry details, and also include these details when submitting the final picture set of the finished model(s), it helps to make things easier for the judging.
    You letter has been shipped! I got there a little late but the man at the desk said he'll get it out today :D
    I'm not real computer savvy.I stumbled on your question about the Do-217 K-2,but cannot get back to it. I have been building 1/72 since the sixties when Airfix came out with "constant scale kits". I re-did all of my 1/48 to keep scale and have more room.I now have a 12 X 20 room filled with 1/72. It doesn't really seem small to me although the eyes are starting to go. You can see photos of the model room at community.webshots.com/user/otftch.
    I need more Sandpaper, Humbrol Clearfix, and what are your suggestions?

    For the kit, I will try for an Me-110, but I don't know.
    Hi Dirk, the inscription on the P1Y1 Ginga reads...

    Now, which Me262 are you talking about ? White 17 or Yellow 5?
    Hi Dirk, the days are Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Hours are 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is at the Far Hills Fairgrounds. It's exit 22B I believe off 287, but it's a bit of a ride.

    I suggest going on Sunday, you fill a bag for 5 dollars
    Hi Dirk!

    I don't know if you aware but there is a VNA (Veteran Nurses Association) in Peapack-Gladstone. It's a huge flea market basically, and my mom was telling me she picked me up some models today, the prices for a 1/32 was 7 dollars new, 1/48 was 6.50 and 1/72 new were about 5.00 dollars, don't know what your doing but if you don't have plans it may be something to check out.
    Oh, I see. Well my dad had mentioned one there, and next time were in that area he said we'd go. Have you ever been to Maplewood?

    Hobby Shop, Model Train Sets | Maplewood, NJ
    Yea, it was a good one but needed changing! I had a problem with one of the P-40's landing flaps, but she's fixed!
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