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Well-Known Member, from Helsinki

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Nov 12, 2016
    1. vikingBerserker
      Hi Juha,

      I don't suppose you own a copy of "Suomen ilmavoimien hävittäjähankinnat 1918-1945"? There is some information on pages 113-114 that I would like to confirm and it has been impossible to find this book for sales. Thanks.

      Thank you for the LIKE, that was kind of you. Jeff
    3. Gixxerman
      Thank you for the like Juha.
    4. Juju
      Hi Juha
      Are you the person that wrote The Finnish Winter War 1939-1940 on The Finnish Winter War 1939-1940.
      If so I could use you help as I am attempting to write a historic fiction piece about this period. I need someone of Finnish descent to assist me as I have little material in English.
      I have non-fiction material however someone with your interests and background would prove invaluable.

      regards - Julian
    5. MosquitoDWC
      Thanks, Juha. I have looked up the Dean book on Amazon, and I have ordered it. The Spitfire book I can get in our National Library in Canberra. For the Ladeplan sheets, I guess I must start learning German, or at least how to translate it using online software!
    6. MosquitoDWC
      Hello Juha

      I have been a registered member for a while now, but I have not posted before, as I am still more interested in acquiring information and learning the subject, than in putting forward my own views.

      In the poll thread "Which country designed the best aircraft engines for WWII?", in post #55, you provided a detailed weight breakdown of the power plant component weights for the P51-B&C, from what you described as the "weight table of P-51B C Empty and Basic Weights".Has it already been posted somewhere? If not, can you post it, or send me a copy, or tell me where I can obtain it? Do you know where I can obtain this level of weight detail for other aircraft, e.g. spitfire, Bf109, Mosquito etc.

      Thanks in advance.
    7. Juha
      Hello Paul
      TIA for the Wenning info.

      And thanks for the tip on McLachan's book. Thanks for the offer but I'm very busy now, too many projects running so I'll look the book myself when I'll get spare time to again dig deeper into Fernnachtjagd bussiness, either from net or during my next visit to UK.

      My avatar, oh firstly IMHO Porco Rosso is a great film, secondly there is some likeness between me and Porco on one hand and between my wife and the lady in the picture. And my daughter agrees. You know, from the mouth of child you hear the truth.

    8. Maximowitz
      Juha, I'll put all the material in a zip file and email it to you Sunday, most of it is the work of Mike Harrison who has been doing research on Lt Wolfgang Wenning of 6./KG 51 who shot his uncle's Lancaster down in '44.

      I've got the Parry book...have you read Ian McLachan's book "Night of the Intruders?" If not I'll see if I can get a copy for you. Let me know.

      That's an interesting avatar...any particular significance? :D

    9. Juha
      Hello Paul
      I'm interested in Fernnachtjagd, so please post the info to:

      I don't have much to offer on the subject, I'm sure You also have Parry's Intruders over Britain.
      I hve a copy of the old KG 51 history in English, I'll dig the book out and look what it says on 44-45, if you don't hve seen it. I also made extensive notes while reading Balke's KG 2 history, but that was a while ago and now I'm going through them, but I'm only reached late summer 41 and going is very slow because that project is near the bottom of my long priority list.
      Also in Olmstead's old 357th FG hist there is a story on a night attack on 357's base during which a mess got some 20mm hits and the teller was sure that the attacker was a Me 410. And in one of the ORBs of RAF stations on which I have digiphotos there is a mention/a couple mentions that bombs were drop nearby, of course info is rather vague and I cannot remember from which ORB I read the info.

    10. Maximowitz
      Hello Juha,

      Nice to meet someone who knows of the the Fernnachtjagd over Britain. I have a few bits and pieces of info/research on II./KG51 if you are interested? Let me know and I'll email them to you.

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