1. A

    Wings Over Camarillo airshow PT2
  2. A

    41st Annual Wings Over Camarillo airshow + carshow pt 1

    Hey everyone. Here's the 41st annual Wings Over Camarillo airshow pt 1. (Pt 2 coming soon!) Enjoy!
  3. M

    Warbird Videos from Oshkosh 2021

    Was at Oshkosh all week volunteering and recording warbirds. Here’s some of my work. F4U Corsair Startup and Taxi in Slow Motion P-51 Mustang and F4-U Corsair Perform in Airshow at Oshkosh 2021 DC3 Takeoff, Hawker Hurricane and Supermarine Spitfire Taxi at Oshkosh 2021
  4. S

    New Orleans Air Sea and Land Festival 2018

    This little event, which started out as just a static display of a few warbirds, has gradually morphed into a full fledged airshow. This year for the first time I brought a nice camera and got some decent photos. There were several interesting Warbirds flying this year including a P-63...
  5. GregP

    Planes of Fame Airshow 2014 Horsemen

    Here is our 2014 airshow featuring the Horsemen. They did two acts: one with P-51s and one with F-86s. This isn't the whole show .... just the Horsemen ... Steve Hinton, Dan Friedken, and Ed Shipley in no particular order. I think Dan was flying lead (F-86), Steve was left wing, and Ed was...
  6. johnbr

    Cameron Airshow 2014

    Here a good Air show video.
  7. Torch

    Sad day at airshow
  8. B

    If you could attend only one airshow which would it be?

    Hi everyone, I'm sitting here at work daydreaming of an airshow vacation. We have warbirds over monroe here locally in Charlotte but the variety is slim. So that got me wondering if I were going to travel where in the world would the best air show be? I was thinking maybe a trip to the UK...
  9. Marcel

    Oostwold airshow

    Next week the Oostwold airshow is there again. For the first time as a two-days event. I have been there the last 4 editions or so and it's one of those great little airshows. Not too many people, sun in your back and many interesting aircraft, Spitfires, Hurricane, Corsair, Fokker S.11, you...
  10. GregP

    Planes of Fame Airshow 2015

    Our airshow was on May 1, 2, and 3 this year. Our waiver for the practive day was late this year and we didn't start practice until 4:15 pm. Here's the twilight F-18 demonatration. View: Good afterburner vids!
  11. gumbyk

    P-39 to NZ

    Just found out that a P-39 is on its way down here for restoration: P-39Q Airacobra. | Pioneer Aero Hopefully we'll see it flying at our next airshow in 2017! I've heard that this is one of three on their way down here...
  12. GregP

    Heavies Arriving for Planes of Fame Airshow 2014

    Thought this might be intersting: View: Sorry ... the link didn't work even though the video does ... don't know why. Hopefully this video will suffice.
  13. DBII

    DBII reboot

    Warning, I am back. Here is the update. I lost the terrible job at I had when the office was closed and moved 2 hours away. They did not give me anything because I had the option to move and keep my job. I married my#1 lady the next day and moved to Silsbee TX, 114 miles from Houston. I should...
  14. T

    Token obligalatory n00b thread

    Hey guys! I am TheDutchTexan and reside in Plano, TX. I am a car enthusiast, but always had a great interest in the second world war, including the aircraft of that era. Recently I attended an airshow here in Dallas and captured some footage. I saw my first B29 and B17 in the flesh that day!
  15. G

    Warbirds over Wanaka tour to New Zealand

    I have been approached by some aviation enthusiasts to organize an escorted tour from the US down to the 2012 Warbirds over Wanaka airshow in New Zealand. I'm researching the viability of such a tour and would be interested in hearing back from anyone who has been to the show, or who may be...