1. fritzthefox

    Fantastic Flying Tales

    Fantastic Flying Tales is a 70-page softcover book containing eleven illustrated stories of aviation adventure. Eight of them are true. Two are historical fiction based on true events. One is arguably nonsense, but pretty funny. They are ALL lavishly illustrated, unusual and entertaining. This...
  2. M

    Basic Aircraft materials chemical composition, treatment and properties books and manuals thread

    Public free Manuals: <Aircraft Materials Naval manual 1953> 1st pdf attachment was published by the navy for the basic training of the chemical composition and treatment of aircraft metal. <Navy Ship material Manual 1958> 2nd pdf attachment was published by the navy for the basic training of the...
  3. zeamerseagerbeavers

    Ad Astra, by Del Hayes

    I've scanned the announcements and news and not found anything indicating that I can't recommend a novel written by my dad in this section, so I'm going to, because it's right in this wheelhouse. If this is against the rules, I apologize and feel free to delete it. (And yes, there's now a movie...
  4. S

    Groundcrew stories/bios

    Hi. Does anyone have knowledge about books by german luftwaffe groundcrew? I believe thier stories is just as intereresting as the pilots.
  5. davparlr

    Book to read "The Candy Bombers"

    I have just complete an excellent book on a period of time I was not familiar with but would affect the world for the following forty years, and that book is, of course, the less than impressive titled “The Candy Bombers”. It is a large, well reference book with about 25% being notes and...
  6. P

    Book Pictures Request (Update from last year!)

    Hello, everyone! About a year ago I came to you all with a very long list of photo requests for a book. Well, a year later and the project is nearing completion, and I have enough photographs to fulfill my contract. Yet, I am not satisfied yet, and am seeking permission to increase the number...
  7. tomo pauk

    B-2: The Spirit of Innovation Book

    Free download from Northrop Grumman: (please go down to post #3)
  8. kettbo

    Do Not Exceed speed later Bf109s

    Someone posted on an internet site the Do Not Exceed speed of the Bf109 was almost always 750km/hr /466mph He also wrote the Bf109 was one of the slower-diving planes of WW2 With Bf109G-10 speed of 428mph or there about Bf109K-4 a tad faster, then some crazy stuff in anti-Mosquito units...
  9. nuuumannn

    Bf 109 Versuchs clarification

    Hi Guys, Whilst doing some reading about the early Bf 109s, I've come across some discrepancies surrounding the very early prototypes and their designations etc, particularly the V3 and V4 models, their armament and registrations. My understanding and there are a number of sources that...
  10. Micdrow

    RAF log book

    Title says it all Enjoy!!!
  11. W

    Shot Down

    I've just reviewed Shot Down, Steve Snyder's book about the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth of the 306th Bomb Group, 8th AF. Great Book. Here's the review: Shot Down Steve Snyder Sea Breeze Publishing LLC, 360 pages, (hardbound) $27.95, 9780986076008 Reviewed: December, 2014) This...
  12. tomo pauk

    From what books are these pictures?

    Some interesting pictures can be found on the web, but sometimes not credited to a book taken from. I'd like to found out the titles of the books these are taken from:
  13. M

    Bleeding Sky: The Story of Captain Fletcher E Adams and the 357th Fighter Group

    Does anyone have a copy of this book? There may (or may not) be a reference in there to a couple of 357th pilots having jumped a Mosquito. I don't know for sure if the info is there. The author, Joey Maddox, later wrote another book, "The Great Rat Race for Europe", in which he mentions the...
  14. M

    Hello all - Newbie here.

    Boy, I sure wish that I had found this forum when I was doing research on my book! :oops: Nevertheless, I'm sure it will be a great help with the next one. I'm looking forward to learning more about German heavy lift bombers from you guys. :) Can one of the admins please contact me about...