1. Snautzer01

    Dornier Do24

  2. Snautzer01

    eBay: heavy Iron (Tanks Guns Ships Trains)

    Foto, Panzer IV Turmnummer: II01 wird verladen, Hafen Neapel, Italien, f | eBay
  3. Snautzer01

    Mistel composite bomber aircraft

    WWII 1945 132nd AAA GUN BN GIs Photo Airplane piggyback on dual engine plane | eBay
  4. Snautzer01

    eBay: Italian Airforce and other users.

    Foto Luftwaffe Flugzeug ITALIEN SAVOIA MARCHETTI SM79 PRESSEPHOTO 18X12CM | eBay
  5. Snautzer01

    Blohm & Voss BV222 Wiking

  6. Snautzer01

    Heinkel He177 Greif

  7. Snautzer01

    Junkers Ju388

  8. Snautzer01

    Bloch MB210

    Rare picture of captured second line French airplanes
  9. A captured IS-2 russian heavy tank.

    A captured IS-2 russian heavy tank.

  10. P

    P-38 captured!

    I share with you some rare pictures (in color and w/b) of fighters Lockheed P-38 Lightnings captured and with German and Italian markings during World War II. Does anyone know how many were captured and how they came to Europe once they have been used in the Pacific? To view the photos visit the...
  11. P

    Flying Fortress captured

    One of the main and most important Allied bombers, the B-17 was sparked interest and greed target of Germans and Japanese during WW2. Inevitably some planes were captured and tested by the enemy. I share with you the link below that has some photos of these planes, some rare, with German and...
  12. A

    History of JG4's "White 11"fw190

    Hi all, As I'm sure most on here know, the Allies managed to capture JG4's FW190A-8 "White 11" on 1 January 1945 ,which landed erroneously at an allied airfield during Operation Bodenplatte. I was wondering if anyone knows how much combat this particular machine (W.Nr 681497) saw before...
  13. Lucky13

    Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943...

    Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943...
  14. Snautzer01

    Flettner Fl282 Kolibri ( Hummingbird )

  15. Snautzer01

    eBay: Fokker G1

    Nr 361 Nr 345
  16. Snautzer01

    eBay: Heinkel He115

  17. Snautzer01

    Fieseler Fi156 Storch

    VM873 - This was with 84 Group CS. Condor Legion, Spain
  18. Snautzer01

    eBay: Focke Wulf Fw189

  19. Snautzer01

    Ilyushin Il-2 Shturmovik

    Captured. Note that text on this picture is quite wrong. :shock:
  20. Snautzer01

    Vickers Wellington

    Vickers Wellington from: 01.08.1942 No.25 OTU Operational Training Unit Wellington IC DV439 F/LtWelch Location: Wemeldinge, Zeeland, Netherlands. (also more story and pictures) Mission: Düsseldorf, Germany Date: 1st August 1942 Unit: No. 25 OTU (Operational Training Unit)...