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Mar 26, 2007
Vickers Wellington

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from: 01.08.1942 No.25 OTU Operational Training Unit Wellington IC DV439 F/LtWelch Location: Wemeldinge, Zeeland, Netherlands. (also more story and pictures)
Mission: Düsseldorf, Germany

Date: 1st August 1942

Unit: No. 25 OTU (Operational Training Unit)

Type: Wellington IC

Serial: DV439

Coded: PP- D

Location: Wemeldinge, Zeeland, Netherlands.

Pilot: F/Lt. P.P.L.E. Welch R.A.F. P.O.W. Camp; 04C (Oflag Saalhaus-Colditz) P.O.W. No:610

Fl/Eng: F/Lt. J. Hamilton R.A.F. P.O.W. Camp; L3 (Stalag Luft Sagan and Beleria) P.O.W. No:597

Air/Bmr: Sgt. S. Valensky R.C.A.F. P.O.W. Camp; 344 (Stalag Lamsdorf) P.O.W. No:25682

Air/Gnr: Sgt. D.J. Veasey R.C.A.F. P.O.W. Camp; 344 (Stalag Lamsdorf) P.O.W. No:25142

Air/Gnr: Sgt. William Francis Penney R/107561 R.C.A.F. Age. 19 - Killed.


Took off from Finningley, Yorkshire at 23.41hrs to bomb the German city of Düsseldorf. 630 aircraft took part in the operation, a total of 900 tons of explosives were dropped. 15,000 buildings were damaged, a further 453 were destroyed. Very heavy losses by the attacking force with 29 aircraft lost. Wellington DV439 was attacked by German night fighters and crash landed. The claim for this loss was made by a Major Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer who by the end of the war had a score of 121 kills.
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From: ? Database

Airborne 19:55 on 12 Mar 1941 from Alconbury to bomb a target in Berlin. Signalled task completed, then nothing further heard. Cause of loss and crash-site not identified.

S/L E.H.Lynch-Blosse PoW
P/O H.Heaton PoW
F/O S.H.Palmer PoW
Sgt D.R.Clay PoW
Sgt A.Hammond PoW
Sgt H.Caldicott PoW

Sgt H.Caldicott was interned in Camps L1/L6/357. PoW No.487, with Sgt D.R.Clay, PoW No.491 and Sgt A.Hammond, PoW No.501. P/O H.Heaton in Camps 10C/L3, PoW No.3764. S/L E.H.Lynch-Bloss in Camps L1/L3, PoW No.472 with F/O S.H.Palmer, PoW No.475.

R1013 was one of two No.40 Sqdn Wellingtons lost on this night on two separate operations. See: T2515.

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