1. Snautzer01

    eBay: Blohm & Voss Bv155

    Cockpit mock-up and build
  2. F-104nut

    USS MIDWAY group build

    Since i got the Skyraider done in USS MIDWAY markings i deciced to build a F-4B and A-6A from the USS MIDWAY. I will be using the Eduard ( Academy ) F-4B and Hobby Boss A-6A.There is a reason for the white plastic between pilot and RIO. When dry fitting tub with instrument panel and ejection...
  3. gumbyk

    Blackhawks now 'optionally manned'

    Seems like the USDoD are one step closer to being able to remove the pilot from the cockpit for some of their ops... Black Hawk Empty: Unmanned Helicopter Passes Key Test - Defense One
  4. fubar57


    New from Barracuda Studios. The link is for Ultracast....Ultracast Geo
  5. F-104nut

    1/32 Tamiya Wooden Wonder

    Hello all and long time no see. Had some login issues and got them fixed. Good to be back on this site .This is the awesome 1/32 Tamiya Mosquito. NOT a single issue and this kit falls together. I been plugging away on this for three- four week strait. Eagle Edition has some really great decals...
  6. GregP

    Curtiss P-36 Hawk

    Matt Nightengale built a Curtiss P-36 for Stephen Gray in Europe and we got to see it fly in our last airshow at Chino. Here's a video with Steve Hinton in the cockpit. The Seversky in front of him is our Seversky AT-12 ... basically a 2-seat P-35...
  7. net_sailor

    F-14A Tomcat Revell 1:144

    This is Revell's F-14 Tomcat in 1/144 scale. Nice little kit with great details and good fitting pieces. I sharpened the engine intakes and cut all moving surfaces: flaps, slots and elevators. Cockpit hood it's a Brengun vacu.
  8. L

    Luftwaffe cockpit parts

    Hello guys, Some Luftwaffe cockpit parts for your enjoyment !
  9. v2

    Svetlana Kapanina Amazing Cockpit Footage

  10. v2

    On Board the TBM Avenger Emergency Landing at DCA

    It's the event we will be talking about for a long time: The Arsenal of Democracy fly over. As the Grumman formation turned into over the Lincoln Memorial the TBM Avenger peeled off. They made and emergency landing at Regan National Airport (DCA). We later learned that it was a hydraulic leak...
  11. H

    Requesting Heinkel He 280 Cockpit

    I'm a huge fan of this aircraft and the one thing I've never managed to find was a drawing or photograph of the cockpit. If someone has a photograph or drawing of the cockpit of this plane I'd very much so appreciate it.
  12. Ohm-men

    **** DONE: 1/48 Brewster Buffalo - Allied Manufactured Aircraft

    User Name: Ohm-men Name : Jerry Category : Intermediate Kit : Tamiya Brewster Bufallo Scale : 1/48 Accessories : Eduard Cockpit set, Decal set. My subject for my first group build will be the older Tamiya Brewster Bufallo. My goal is to finish it as an R.A.F. Aircraft operated over...
  13. G

    I sat in the cockpit of an ME-109

    At the Kalamazoo Air Zoo this past weekend, I was able to sit in the cockpit of a (is it Spanish or Italian built?) was one of the types that has a larger front end and the 4 bladed prop. I could not believe how cramped the cockpit is. In fact it was so small, I would not have been able...
  14. le_steph40

    How to improve an old Tamiya 1/48 A6M2 T.21 ?

    I would like to "recycle" my old Tamiya kit in an aircraft "probably" flown by Toshio Ota from Tainan Kokutai, 2nd Chutai during summer 1942. Not a big problem to engrave panel lines on the fuselage, but I think the cockpit is very poorly detailled... I looked for some photo-etched or resin...
  15. Aaron Brooks Wolters

    1/48 RAF Mk.IA Mustang - Allied Manufactured Aircraft

    Username: Aaron Brooks Wolters First name: Brooks Category: Intermediate Scale: 1/48 Manufacturer: Accurate Miniatures. Model Type: RAF Mk.IA Mustang Aftermarket addons: None Trying to get myself back into this. I fell out with the Stoof. I will finish it but need something a little more...
  16. HaraldJoergens

    English Electric Lightning F.53 Interactive Cockpit Panorama

    If the Canberra virtual tour is of potential interest to modellers, then I guess this Lightning might be of interest too: For a client, the highly recommended Tangmere Military Aviation Museum near Chichester, I have created a high resolution interactive cockpit panorama of their English...
  17. HaraldJoergens

    English Electric Canberra B.2 Virtual Tour - cockpit, navigator, bomb aimer

    For a client, the highly recommended Tangmere Military Aviation Museum near Chichester, I have created a high resolution virtual tour of their English Electric Canberra B2 (WE113). The virtual tour combines three interactive panoramas: - The pilot's view in the cockpit; - the navigator's...
  18. Snautzer01

    Douglas B-23 Dragon

  19. HaraldJoergens

    Spitfire Mark IX Interactive Cockpit Panorama

    For a client, Aero Legends based at Headcorn, the old Battle of Britain airfield in Kent, I have created a high resolution interactive cockpit panorama of their Spitfire Mark IX, TD314. The aircraft was built 1944 at Castle Bromwich, and has been completely and brilliantly restored by the...
  20. S

    Luminous Paints

    I didn't really know where to post this, although it's sort of about modelling - so into 'off topic' it goes I guess... As part of my FW190 cockpit project ( thanks to all the other deranged cockpit builders here who finally tipped me over the edge into starting this time and wallet crippling...