1. Snautzer01

    Ebay: Beechcraft Model 18 C-45

  2. Snautzer01

    Lockheed Model 18 Lodestar C-56/C-60 in french service

  3. Snautzer01

    eBay: Vultee A-31 Vengeance

  4. Snautzer01

    eBay: Chance Vought F4U Corsair

    part 1
  5. Snautzer01

    Vickers Wellington in French service

  6. Snautzer01

    eBay: Douglas A-26 Invader

    Dated 1955 French
  7. Snautzer01

    eBay: Grumman Avenger

    part 1
  8. Snautzer01

    eBay: Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat

  9. Snautzer01

    eBay: Heinkel He111 Bomber

    In French use This aircraft is a He111H-1 VIP transport, namely the aircraft VIP General Weise, Wr.5113, commander of the 11th Panzer Division. It was captured August 28, 1944, and was paid in early 1945 Dor Group (GB 1/31 Aunis) who used especially the Ju88A-4. For all we know it was never...
  10. Snautzer01

    SBD Dauntless A-24B

  11. Snautzer01

    eBay: Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat

    part 1 french
  12. Snautzer01

    Curtiss SBC Helldiver SBC-4 in French service

  13. Angelusky

    [Video]Group French Navy Pilots

    Hello all :) Here is my new video on the group french navy pilots View: I wish you a good flight and a good weekend :)
  14. Marcel

    numbers in English

    Okay, maybe a strange question but my curiosity got triggered. I always learned at highschool that in English numbers are like in French, 25 is twenty-five, like vingt-cinq in French. This is unlike germanic languages, where the minor number is placed before the 10-numbers, like the Duch...