korean war

  1. Spectre311

    The Superfortress over Korea

    Why did the Air Force choose to operate the B-29 over the B-50 in Korea? Was it a matter of the number of airframes available or was it because SAC needed the B-50s for the nuclear deterrence role? It's a question that's been bugging me for a while given the fact that on paper at least the B-50...
  2. Dronescapes

    The Last Battle Of The B-29 Superfortress. The Korean War And The Soviet MiG-15

    The Last Battle Of The B-29 Superfortress. The Korean War And The Soviet MiG-15 https://youtu.be/5NqR9IQioGM
  3. swampyankee

    Korean War aviator awarded Navy Cross for shooting down four MiGs in one fight

    Royce Williams, a USN aviator flying an F9F Panther shot down 4 MiG-15s in air-air combat over the Sea of Japan. Because the aircraft were Soviet -- not North Korean, even nominally -- the fight was classified for decades. Mr Williams was awarded the Navy Cross for his action by the current...
  4. Dimlee

    "Devotion" movie (Korean War)

    Probably, the first Western movie about Korean War in 50 years?

    P51D Muntang '信念의 鳥人' in Korea

    This aircraft was flown by Col. Dean Elmer Hess. He served in ww2 and when korean war has begun, he lead korean's first fighter squadron 'Bout-One'. His nose art '信念의 鳥人' means 'I fly by faith'.
  6. Dimlee

    Canberra (not) in Korea

    Was English Electric Canberra ever considered for the Korean War? And if it was, why not deployed there? Wikipedia: "In May 1951, the Canberra entered RAF squadron service, No. 101 Squadron being the first to receive the type. In a testament to the aircraft's benign handling characteristics...
  7. 502 Combat Mission_simple.jpg

    502 Combat Mission_simple.jpg

    MiG-15 in camouflage.
  8. C

    Av Gas Types in Korea

    Can anyone tell me what types of aviation gasoline were available to the US Air Force in Korea. I saw one site that talked about JP1 jet fuel used by the Air Force and JP3 used by the Marines, but the Marines also used 100/130 and 115/145 av gas in their jets and eventually just standardized on...
  9. M

    Aerial Drone Footage of F-84F Thunderstreak and an M47 Patton Tank

  10. Thud-Dud89

    The "Wannabe" Skyraiders

    Of the USN single-engined bomber aircraft that were NOT the Douglas AD/A-1, which do you think might have been the next best choice for the role? I'm including the Martin AM Mauler and Grumman AF Guardian in this, though they DID see service, the others, not so much...