"Devotion" movie (Korean War)

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I read about Brown and Hudner when I was in ninth grade in a Naval Aviation News that belonged to my NJROTC instructor. This was in '76, by the way. The story made me cry, in the same way the made for TV movie Brians Song did. I immediately thought of this story as a movie with Sidney Poitier as Brown and Rock Hudson as Hudner. Forty-Six years later the movie is finally made, I cannot wait to see it.
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I'm reviewing the movie for a navy magazine, attending the preview here in Phoenix this week.

Much enthusiasm for the film, especially what I've seen among modelers who revel in ACCURATE MARKINGS for the F4U-4s. Wowski.

I was acquainted with Tom Hudner who contributed to a couple of my books. For the aviation MoH book, 2002, I said I did not plan on mentioning Jesse Brown's race, contrary to absolutely every other account. IMO JB was a shipmate in trouble and that's what mattered. Tom firmly agreed.

Did not a MiG in one of the trailers. Poetic license, I reckon.
And he was an enlisted pilot!
A WW2 vet AND married to Ava Gardner, along with 7 other wives lol, talk about greatest generation.. anyone who used to laugh at the little bald guy with an attitude on tv, suddenly isn't laughing 😂

I dragged the wife to see this movie this afternoon. It was one helluva movie, the aircraft scenes were excellent, and it was a very interesting film. No "wokeness" to it, just the straightforward tale of two good friends in wartime.

While I appreciate the Corsair more as I get older, I was REALLY happy to see the Skyraiders flying, as well as the Bearcats during the early part of the film. If the opportunity arises, go see the film.
Saw the movie on Tuesday as the theater has a special $6.00 admission every Tuesday. Seeing the Bearcat and AD was wonderful. And the mock-up of the USS Leyte being a set in Statesboro, GA was so well done it was impossible for me to tell that it was not a real carrier. Knowing what was gonna happen, I kept snorting trying not to start bawling. The audience I was with clapped at the end of movie which was very nice to hear. Damn good movie.
There is another book about Jesse called The Flight of Jesse Lee Brown by Theodore Taylor. I read it a number of years ago and enjoyed it. Well written and very informative.

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