1. Dronescapes

    Avro York, "The Emergency Airliner"

    The Avro York, "The Emergency Airliner"
  2. M

    1970s Soviet IL76T Classic Civil Version with Low Bypass D30 AFM AMM SRM IPC production ended 1997, for historical ref only

    IL-76T is a 1970s Soviet transport aircraft, with a MTOW of 190tons. IL-76T is a civilized version of IL-76, and it had removed all of the military equipment, and used for civil transportation. The Classic IL-76 equipped with low-bypass D30 engine in this thread, have been out of production...
  3. The Boeing 247: The First Modern Airliner

    The Boeing 247: The First Modern Airliner

    When the Boeing 247 aircraft took to the skies, it was far superior to any airliners that were in service. It was capable of flying from San Francisco to New York seven and a half hours quicker than competitors in addition to offering vastly better passenger comfort. The Boeing 247...
  4. C-46 Commando - China Doll

    C-46 Commando - China Doll

    The Curtiss C-46 Commando
  5. JU52 'Auntie'.JPG

    JU52 'Auntie'.JPG

  6. Clave

    Beech C45

    The Beechcraft C-45 was a widely-used utility transport aircraft which saw service with civilian and military users all over the world. The Beechcraft Model 18 was the basis for the various versions, and the production ran from 1937 until 1969 with over 9,000 made. The C-45 had a crew of...
  7. v2

    Spitfire Sisters

    Fact Not Fiction Film: A UK documentary that tells the story of the remarkable ladies who flew for the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in World War Two. View:
  8. destrozas

    **** FINISHED: 1/72 Beechcraft (18S) C-45H - Allied Manufactured Aircraft

    Username: destrozas First name: sergio Category: intermeadilly Scale: 1/72 Manufacturer: PM models PM304 Model Type: Beechcraft C-45H accesory: none I did not find more than a little of the history of the KJ555 plane was mail transport link between the Indian and the front of burma...
  9. Snautzer01

    eBay: Junkers Ju52

    This you dont find any day on a Ju52 A MG in the wing
  10. K

    Transport aircraft layout

    A discussion in another thread about the characteristics of the Ju 52/3m vs Ju 252 vs C-47 lead me to thinking about just how different WW2 transport aircraft look compared to those of today. Nowadays it seems obvious that a military transport should have a high wing, an upswept rear fuselage...
  11. Snautzer01

    Fieseler Fi156 Storch

    VM873 - This was with 84 Group CS. Condor Legion, Spain
  12. Geedee

    Geedee and Rocketeers Collings Foundation Tour 2014