1/48 Nichimo Ki-9 Trainer

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Nov 20, 2007
I built this and two other kits waiting on a water theme GB on another forum all in one month cranking.I hope it's as pleasing to your eyes as it was to build. ;)


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I like it :thumbright:
That's a sweet build.
Nicely done Kevin.
Thanks guys took about two weeks to build her up kept as much as possible OOB and how the manufacture wanted it built.The real plane definitely had more rigging than depicted but this was suppose to be a quick fun build so I kept to that faith. I did have to paint the meatballs decal just to thick,I made one climbing handle out of .020" wire,I made the windscreen for the second seat stepped on the kits and replaced the kits .020" wire with .012" wire. ;)
I am calling this one finished clearing the bench Boys for the GB.The rigging is just stretched grey sprue and the cocking mechanism for the MG's just was being a PIA said FIT.The build was really to see if I could pull a paint scheme as such for other builds down the road and a cheap kit with a poor fit was a good test it took me 8 months off/on to get this done. The trash can looked appealing more than once.


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