1:72 Spitfire run: Griffon engines

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Dec 17, 2007
The back of beyond
After seeing Geo's build, and Bill's earlier build, of my Uncle's Spifire PR.19 (PS888), I had to pull out my own kits again...
I have 5 PR.XIX/19 kits, one of which I started back in Hungary, 2 more I started last year while I was holed up with Covid (No symptoms, but tested positive, so happy and healthy, quarantined in the lounge :) )
I also pulled out all my other Griffon engined Spitty's at this time, as I need to mix and match parts, certain ones getting all the best parts, a couple for the kids to play with.

Time to get back into those builds.

Apart from a number I gave to my son, who has started to take an interest in modelmaking, I will be building the following kits here:

- Spitfire Mk.XIVc - Fujimi
- Spitfire FR.Mk.XIVe - Fujimi
- Seafire Mk.XV (late) - Sword
- Spitfire PR.Mk.19 - Fujimi
- Spitfire S.31 - MPM PR.Mk.XIX
- Spitfire PR.Mk.XIX - Jays Models (Ventura)
- Seafire Mk.45 - Eduard Mk.XXI (Aeroteam)
- Spitfire F Mk.21 - Special Hobby
- Spitfire Mk.22 - Xtrakit (MPM)

Wish me luck...!


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Evan , my friend ... looking at your assembling line I'm more and more getting in the mood to pick my Spits from the stash. :lol:

Wishing you good luck!. :thumbright: :thumbleft:
Ah...cheers! Thought something didn't look right with the title, but couldn't put my finger on it!

Can one of the mods please correct the title?

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