26th July, 1943 - Koolhoven FK 58?

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Apr 1, 2004
I have recently read about a Circus flown by 2 Group Bostons against Coutrai/Wevelghem airfield. It seems to be a fairly regular operation except one point for me;

When withdrawing from the target area the formation came under attack from Fw 190s. The formation made no turn and was heading for disaster until the escort fighters managed to turn the bombers. The interesting part is that one of the withdrawal cover squadrons, Polish 316 Sqdn., entered the fray they found they were overshooting their targets ... it was thought that these aircraft were Koolhoven FK 58s of Dutch origin... And the camouflage was 'like that of Italian aircraft operated under German control' - their noses and tails were yellow.

Were these really FK 58s? If so, were they used as trainers by the Luftwaffe ... ? And what was their colour scheme?
I can't find any evidence of the Germans or anyone else using the FK 58 after 1940. Very few arrived for operational use, and what's interesting is that the pilots of 316 Squadron thought they were 58's - most of the one's used by France before their surrender were piloted by Poles!!

It seems that the French had planned to ship them out for colonial duties in SE Asia, but they were all scrapped instead.
Any idea of what they could be? I've read little on the FK 58 and none of it indicates the Germans using them, especially not in 1943... the other units in the mission reported Fw 190s ... so, the Poles could just be mistaken and these were "slow" Fw 190s?
I've found a little more from another of my books;

It was 88 Sqdn. Bostons that made the attack. One Boston IIIA (BZ399) was lost at approx. 1115 hour over St. Amand; it was shot down by Hptm Hans Naumann of 6./JG 26. And an 88 Sqdn. Boston IIIA (BZ232) claimed a Fw 190 damaged.

Maybe they could use the additional information to track the exact encounter? I do believe it's the only RAF Boston raid of the day.

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