3D models

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Nov 10, 2006
La Rochelle, France
I thought we could have a thread about 3D models.
This one was made with 3dsmax.
It's Russian ace Gregory Rechkalov's P39 'Airacobra'


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Very nice! (you can probably hear me thinking, "How can we convert it for CFS3...?")
ndicki, my P39 is rather heavy; it was not intended to be imported into a game; this version has something like 150,000 polys if I remember well. I guess this is too much for CFS3 isn't it?
Anyway I do not own rights anymore.This model is for sale at Digimation/Viewpoint.
Unfortunately they rated the price so high (around $500 if I'm right), that it doesn't sell.
But I have a few more a/c 3D models. A MC202, MiG3, Mossie etc...will post shots ASAP.

Beautiful stuff on your site Gnomey; I like the weathering on textures; models are pretty accurate too.
I see you're both into Fw190's

Here's the fW190 I fitted out as a nightfighter version..


3d and artwork done by others... I added the 3d nightfghter aspects and cockpit radar
nice He111..

Now for those with naval interest


Gnomey.. what Poly count we talking about for the He111 ?
I'd also like to see a forum for 3D models as I now will be 3d scanning actual aircraft and this data will be very useful for actual data purposes and component positional data.
see Untitled Page (click on legacy models for older models made with Form-Z) then go to www.3dpointcloud.com for new site/services

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