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    I'm brand new to this forum and can't think of a better audience to ask this question of, based on some of the incredible information I have been reading on this site.

    I'm looking for any and all photos of Spits associated with 411 squadron circa 1942 43. Specifically Spits 5b serial numbers R6897 AB847. Squadron code was DB and based at Digby (for most of its life).

    Additionally, any info on the mid air collision of these two craft in Jan 43 while on practice dogfight maneauvers would be appreciated. Remains of R6897 were uncovered in the 80's and I have heard that they are now associated with a Lincolnshire museum.

    My uncle (P.O. Gilbert Frederick Brown) was the pilot of R6897 and was killed in the collision. He is buried in Scopwick Church Cemetery. His brother (my father) and I are planning a trip to the UK soon and are just trying to find out as much as possible prior to the trip.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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