5 Favourite Planes

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the lancaster kicks ass said:
i just don't the like the bubble canopie on the spit, it doesn't look right.............

That's one of the reason that make me put the Mk. XIV second behind the Mk. IX. That, and because the Mk. IX had a longer life. (From 1942 until the end of the British decolonisation wars.)
The Spitfire Mk. XIV was still the best, and the best dogfighter of the war.
They didn't produce the K-4 in large numbers, in any case the Merlin engined HA-1112 was the best 109..but we won't go into that, it didn't see service and it was Hispano built...for Spain... :lol:
Germany bombed Spain as a help to Franco, the Spanish dictator. Germany helped him put down the resistance. This was not rubbing it in.
The number of suplied Bf 109K-4 to the Luftwaffe was about 1000 planes..just like your Spitfire Mk XIV...AND THEY ARE VERY VERY CLOUSLY MATCH......And usualy it about to pilots to outcome who will be shoot down.
And plan_D........few words to you:)
You sad: in any case the Merlin engined HA-1112 was the best 109..but we won't go into that, it didn't see service and it was Hispano built...for Spain.
Cmon dont tell me you actualy belive what you wrote here???
The HA-1112 got Merlins beacose they dont have any more DB605 engines you know..(and the airframes where from G-2 by the way) just like the Jumo variants in C.Slovakia.
And they are not built for Spain but in Spain
sorry guys still do not have a listing yet. pretty hard when you can easily get a headache thinking upon which a/c Allied or Luftwaffe/Japanese that was superior in altitude, speed, dive and of course range. also the time of year in the war......

looked back through old postings in this interesting thread. No JG 7 did not receive the Bf 110. The Unit was designated a jet unit from the start and started and finished the war with the Me 262A-1a.

also the dora D-9 was a stop gap to provide high cover for the Me 262 Kommando nowotny and for other 109 Fw 190A units. It still could not provied the maximum altitude needed to pounce on the P-51 D and H's. Although this was due to lack of experience of the new Luftwaffe pilots, more than anything. The Ta 152 with increased altitude and speed performance was to succeed the Dora in the roles mentioned but only III./JG 301 first and then STab./JG 301 had the Ta 152H at it's disposal during the war.


dang I'm tired today...........
The HA-1112 was built in Spain (Hispano is a Spanish company) for Spain and export. The HA-1109 had the Hispano-Suiza 12Z engines and the HA-1112. Yes the HA-1112 was the ulitmate design on the old airframe.

Erich...the Bf-110 serving with the JG-7 I believe was a question I asked a while ago which was answered, by you.

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