50 years f-104

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Actually some of the Lockheed guys I knew who were on the program were calling it the "Screeming Monkey." When it takes off it emits a high pitch shrill. Sounded a little like an F-104 or an F-117A. :munky2:
I can imagine the presentation of this a/c.
Ladies and gentlemen, now it's time to present the most advanced, ultra modern, multi role aircraft manufactured by Lockheed-Martin, f35 :munky2: Screaming Monkey!! :munky2: applause =D>
That's goes to the Boeing Looser! :shock:


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Aaah, this beautiful little air intake, perfect target for birds at low altitude. Anyway was it protected against IR radiation in any way?
My gosh the f104 sounds wicked! The screeching noise as it flies over the camera, now thats cool.

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