50 years f-104

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Apr 2, 2005
a plane to remember..




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They're Italian, for sure. Damn, I'd like to see them live. I have always been keen on Starfighters, don't know why exactly :rolleyes:
They have something attractive...
Is Italy the last country to withdraw the f104s or are there any starfighters in service somewhere else?

Sunny, great movies chap! where did you get them? I like esp. these from Reno. Keep them coming 8)
Yup, that's it, speed.
Despite some rather negative nicknames: flying coffin, or widowmaker, th Starfighter has it's place in the history of aviation... pity I couldn't see them flying. :cry:
When did Canada get rid of those beauties?
We got rid of the last ones from service in 1986. The version flown by the RCAF/Canadian Air Force was the CF-104, used for low-level attack and reconnaissance.

Those that remain are mostly on sticks, at airbases and museums across the country.
Thanks for the reply,

I have seen some of these video clips on FlightLevel350.

Do you have permission to repost other people's work on this site?

I would not like someone to do this with my videos at least without asking first.
former Lockheed employee? wow, respect. We are now about to receive your f16s block52+ :confused: we'll see if they are worth their price :p
Oh I believe they will be, but I left there before the General Dynamics merge, so I never got a chance to play with the 16.

I did work around the P-3, S-3, C-130, L1011, U-2 SR-71, F-117A, F-22, and of course the F-104!
You said f22? well few years ago I was really keen on this birdie. In my room there are still many Polish and foreign magazines with the articles and pics of Raptor, several posters and a simulation game :confused:
I hoped it would be a pure air dominance fighter like F15C, but later they changed it to F/A22... but I don't think Raptor will be good as a multirole fighter with capability to take 2 JDAMs, but mabye I'm wrong :rolleyes:
We'll see what happens. Actaully I think the F-35 is going to take a lot of the F-22s thunder away. My former roomate designed the F-35 electrical system and I got to see the first flights up close. Great machine!

My time on the F-22 was short - I was a QA guy doing engineering inspections at the supplier developing the canopy.
yeah, f35 is imressive. There will be 3 versions of this one or I'm wrong?
1. for carriers
2. vtol
3. for the air force (replacing f16 in the future).

Do you have a nickname for f35 already?
When it will be able to enter the active service?
For the F-35; The navy version will be the "swabbie," the marine version will be the "jughead," and the air force version will be the "zoomie." ;)

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