Restoring a Messerschmitt 109 BF 109 G-6, 10 years in the making!

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This is just to note that I have commented on the longer video posted about this aircraft on this forum that is worth watching for the greater coverage of this aircraft in close-up.
This shorter vid is also interesting as it shows the aircraft in its characteristic dirty state with exhaust stains and oil streaks from the breather outlets below the wing roots.
Normally, a Bf 109 with the DB 601 or DB 605 engine will also have an oil stain from a manifold oil drain mast in the oil cooler outlet. However, this seems to have been deleted in
this rebuild, unfortunately I don't have photo's that show how that has been engineered.
Also here, we see the Owner/Pilot, who is obviously very excited by his aircraft. Interesting that he says it didn't need trim, but of course it only has a cockpit adjustable tailplane (stab)
trimmer, the ailerons and the rudder rely solely on the fixed tabs that are adjusted, as required, on the ground during test flying.
Overall, this is a very accurately restored and original aircraft, that is of original appearance and condition in fine detail. The work done to adhere to the original components , paint and function is a great credit to the restoration.
So have a look at this and the other EAA Convention vid for more 109 detail, the freeze frame function is very helpful for detail shots. I think this aircraft is a well deserved Champion.


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