8th A.F; one man out.

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Jan 18, 2007
In the bleak Mojave des.
I knew this older guy, lived in my mother in laws trailer park he was flight engineer in a B24. Told me a story that made my blood run cold. A pal of his a tail gunner in a B17, was taking heavy flak inbound for Germany. His com link taken out by a blast, he decides to crawl foward to alert the radio officer of his plight. the plane now begining its run as he enters the room, hanging on to stay upright. He feels a violent jolt as flak destoys the cockpit,
knocking all but himself to the floor, the plane wheels in a flat spin pinning his
mates in situ where they fell. He, in the center of the spin, watching his friends plead with their eyes, staggers to the bomb bay, and bails out.

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