9th AF P-38 profiles

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Dec 2, 2006
I´m looking for profiles/photos/paint schemes of the 9th AF ETO P-38s: 367th, 370th and 474th Fighter Groups - something that shows the nose/spinners colors and squadron signs shape on vertical stabs.

Thanks in advance.
Musas do a google search for the fighter groups as you can contact the fg reps for pics or at least some sort of colouration for your schemes. Try armyairforces.com

go to Forums and then look for the numbered formations, join the site and then ask as many questions as you want, you will probably most likely find your questions answered here.


log in and ask these guys where modeling is their lives
Thanks for your answer.

I already did a google search and found paint schemes of three squadrons, 392nd, 401st and 428th FS, but they seem quite rare. The 8th AF are the mostly known.

Gotta try the moddeling guys solution, thanks for the tip.
There is a 9th AF P-38 called "SWAT" with bare metal spinners and a black triangle on the stab, interrupted in its middle by the serial numbers. You can view it on the aviation illustration page of Dallas/Fort Worth Area Graphic Artist, Custom Graphics, Logos - Graphicommunication along with several other profiles of American, British, Canadian, Australian and Luftwaffe planes.

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