A Canadian Victory : Mons, 1918

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    Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

    A few important battles in WWI were won due to Canadian troops, or with major help coming from the Canadian Corp. (Well, at least from what we can see on the CBC and Historia channel.) So I decided to make a serie of threads about our different victories in WWI. Here is the fourth one : Mons.

    Although Mons was the last Allied victory of WWI, info on it are next to inexistant. Also, some sources varies about who had the idea of pushing toward Mons so close to the end of the war. Some says it was British High Command who wanted it, some other says that in fact they were rather reluctant to risk the lives of troops on the last day of the war and that it was General Currie's (the leader of the Canadian Corps) idea who insisted to continue the attack.

    Taken from : WarMuseum.ca - History of the First World War - Battles and Fighting


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