A days shooting...

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cheddar cheese

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Jan 9, 2004
WSM, England
Ok heres a synopsis of the days shooting...Including, me, lanc and Martyn, we shot at loads of stuff. It was quite funny when shooting bottles of water because they damn well exploded, and we got lucozade everywhere...Sadly we shot no animals, our camouflage obviously wasnt good enough, but martyn was so disappointed about the lack of shooting animals that he shot the lanc instead :lol: Here are some pics...all of lanc sadly ;)


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well a foot lower and it'd have gone straight into my wrist, i was lucky i was hit in my arm where i had a thick army jacket on.......
Fields are much better shooting terrority for rabbits. You can spot them a good distance away and you certainly don't need camo 'cos you can just blast them when they have NO WHERE TO HIDE. Muahah. :twisted:
ohh but i liked my cammo :( it actually wasn't that bad on me head and face, and we're going into a feild when we take the caravan out, oh, i just had a great idea, dress the caravan up in cammo :evil:
sounds tuff but try using coal on your face instead of sweaty stinky black scarf. those are made for your head, and leave the animals alone. Try popping 1/2 gal or whatever your equivalent in the UK is of water in a rock quarry at 50-100 yards. Not sure of the pellet gun ranges though....
Ill be the judge of that. Ill shoot you in the arm and see if the wound is bigger than the one of the .177 :lol:

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