A decent airbrush that's suitable for 1:72 scale

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Dec 17, 2007
The back of beyond
Not sure if this is the place, but having problems with the airbrush and may have to replace it if I can't sort them.

Do you guys have any recommendations for a decent airbrush that's suitable for small scale (1:72) camouflage?

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Hi my friend,

IMHO any airbrush is a good tool. However a nozzle diameter determines if it can be used for applying of the 1/72 scale camouflage. The 0,2mm seems to be fine. But even though you have a such nozzle a good way for painting is a template as the auxiliary tool.
Dzieki my friend.
Maybe I should just ask which airbrushes people prefer then.
I use an Alder airbrush, which was good for a while, but has been playing up a bit in recent years. This may be my fault somehow (though I have tried to look after it as best I can), but the fact remains it's not doing it's job.
No problemo. I have three ones. One is the old russian airbrush for painting very large areas although it has three nozzles of different diameter from 0,3 -0,7mm. The two other ones are the double action type tools but one with the 0,3mm nozzle and the second one with 0,2mm. Just I'm too lazy to change form one nozzle to the another one and the needles/pins of course.
Two philosophies: buy cheap and replace regularly or buy quality and don't worry. I go the latter route. I have a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra (0.2nn) and an Iwata HPC Plus (0.3mm). If you are serious about doing very fine stuff in 1/72 like squiggles or mottles then consider a 0.15mm nozzle.
Cheers Andy.

I'm with the second philosophy, as long as the prices aren't through the roof...

Most of my kiwi stuff is standard RAF or USAF schemes, but most Luftwaffe types will need the mottle and waves like you mentioned, so I will need something that can handle those. (They are bloody small in 1:72!!!)
Yeah I hear you. The issue is that if you limit yourself with a small .15mm nozzle you may find it tedious doing monotone schemes or large areas. I think .2 would do you fine. I'm not that familiar with the Aztek range but I think they come with multiple needle/nozzle combos. I think T Bolt T Bolt uses one.
I seem to recall reading recently that the Aztek is no longer in business, could be wrong. I use a Sparmax 0.3 for general spray and have just purchased a Sparmax 0.2 for finer spray but as yet have not used it. Both are double action and were chosen because keeping clean was easy and replacement parts were easy to get and the parts are interchangable. :D
Evan, I've used, and still use, a "cheap" airbrush for general work, and they've been fine.
But I bought a Harder &: Steinbeck "Duo Ultra" a while back, and it's been brilliant.
The "Duo" boxing comes with two needles, tips and paint cups, and doesn't "break the bank" cost wise. I got mine from "Everything Airbrush" in S.E. England, a company I've used for a number of years, and their service, and pricing,, is excellent.
I've managed to do some extremely fine-line work with it, albeit in 1/48th scale mainly, but for standard "wave pattern" RAF / RNZAF cammo in 1/72nd scale, and probably Luftwaffe mottle too, i think it should handle it.
I did a review when i bought the 'brush, which can be found here on the forum in the Modelling threads.
If you want / need more info, give me a shout or PM.
Thanks guys, much appreciated!

I'm hoping to resolve the issues I have with the airbrush I have now, but I will have a read up on all types yas have mentioned in case I need to change it.
It seesm to be the another one of the quite cheap tools you may grab from the net. I have a similar one but of one nozzle and needle only and it works fine. The Neoeco one looks quite nice , theree nozzles of different diameters, three feeding cups, the fine apperance. It may be worth to buy.
That's what I was thinking, maybe it's worth it...
But "our dear French government" (dear government being cynical) decided for some time to tax everything that did not come from the EU. Because as everyone knows, everything we need is only made in EU!!! :rolleyes:
I was interested to buy a NEOECO airbrush, the NCT-SJ83, but with import and customs fees from "our dear government", it's not very interesting... :oops::(
I know that too. Similar to here. Instead of the normal price you have to pay it almost twice.
If you want you may give a try to these ....

Good stuff guys, and no problem at all posting here Steph! Perfect place for it.

Unfortunately same here with the taxes. In Ireland we are getting stung for anything coming from pretty much anywhere now.

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