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The RAF B-25 data is from a mixture of comparing with the Joe Baugher listings and looking into the Atlantic Crossing data, the RAF really only used the B-25 in
Northern Europe and North Africa. It was the closest to readable by others, so only a few more hours work The B-25 listing was meant for the web site mentioned but they did not reply, shown previously, here to pair it with the RAF one.

If you want another reference to check against, you may want to take a look at N.L. Avery's book B-25 Mitchell — The Magnificent Medium (Phalanx Publishing, 1992). It has many appendixes, several of which involve aircraft serial numbers. Some examples:

Appendix C — USN/USAAF PBJ Serial Numbers
Appendix G — Dutch Lend Lease for 60 Aircraft
Appendix I — Royal Netherlands Flying School B-25s
Appendix J — B-25s of 320 Sqn (RAF) Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service
Appendix K — B-25 Allocations to Netherlands East Indies Air Force and Royal Australian Air Force
Appendix O — RCAF Mitchells
Another file for everyone's consideration. This one puts into a spreadsheet details from the USAF publication Combat Squadrons of the Air Force, World War II.

Specifically, it lists all the USAAF fighter and bombardment squadrons which were stated as having seen combat in the ETO and/or MTO. The information included is squadron number, squadron type, event, base location, date, day of the week, assignment, attachment, and combat. The 'event' column mostly lists when the squadron moved to a new base, but also includes if the squadron was assigned to a different higher unit, or attached to another unit, and so forth. The 'combat' column mostly lists the word combat, but will note if the squadron performed other duties, e.g. a bombardment squadron which switched to weather recon, ECM operations, etc.

The data for each squadron is for the time period between when the squadron was listed as having started and ended combat for the war, as given in the source publication. The combat start row is shaded in light green and the combat end row is shaded in light red to provide a visual break for each squadron. In some cases the 'date' column only shows the month and year as per the source document.

By my count, 149 fighter squadrons and 331 bombardment squadrons (18 light, 60 medium, and 253 heavy) saw combat in the ETO and/or MTO.

(At some point I will add the reconnaissance squadrons.)


  • USAAF squadron details ETO and MTO.xlsx
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Thanks, 33k!

Here's one you guys might like. It's not complete, but has many tables from the Statistical Digest of World War Two. So, it's USAAF, but not USN/MC.

If anyone adds tables, please share what you added.

I have found several errors in table math. Can't tell if the data are wrong or the totals are wrong. So. I assumed that, like it was before spreadsheets and easy addition of many numbers, the data were correct and the totals were wrong.



  • Statistical_Digest_Tables_WWII.xlsx
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Another file. This one contains the key specifications for air-dropped ordnance of WW2 from various ordnance manuals available at the Bulletpicker website. It primarily covers bombs, but there are some entries for other devices such as depth bombs, depth charges, mines, etc.

There are six worksheets: Allied Bombs, Allied Clusters, Axis Bombs, Axis Clusters, Rockets, and Abbr (which lists the abbreviations used). The publication from which the data is drawn is listed. The 'Index' column is a convenience to allow the file to be sorted back to its original order. The weaponry is listed in the order it appeared in each source document.

The file is a work-in-progress, so the Axis sheets are somewhat sparse, but the Allied sheets are nearly complete.


  • WW2 Bomb Specifications.xlsx
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Here's a file of WWII Japanese Aircraft data for both IJN and IJA. It's not complete, but has a lot of data in it.



  • Japanese Aircraft Summary.xlsx
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