aerial minesweepers

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May 2, 2005
I read that during WWII RAF had some planes for minesweping. They were not entirely succesful because they weren't able to mark the swept path.
Can I have info about how that system worked and if possible have some images?

I believe they are talking about magnetic mines. They could "sweep" them by flying an airplane over them with a large magnet at very low level. Put out the same field that a ship would produce if it went by the mine. The idea was to detonate them from the airborne platform. In theory, the mine explodes and nobody is hurt. I have seen pictures of Wellington's with the sweeping gear on them. Looks like a big circular pole that extends from the nose, out to both wingtips and to the tail.
Thanks for the answers.

Do You know if this work was done by entire squadrons, or maybe only by special planes part of ASW/patrol squadrons?

All that metal hanging off the airframes must've made the airplanes a bear to fly. Most of the early war aircraft weren't particularly good with the power involved anyway. To add to it all, I imagine there was the odd mine that went off under the airplane. Not good.
Two pic of Ju52.
source unknown:


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they also had "anti barrage ballon" type setup that also used the metal beams in front of the aircraft that looked sort of similar i'v heared of a Ju-88 and JU-52 that had this done
And there two pics of Wellington MkIc equipped with DWI

source :Squadron/signal publications,Aircraft no.76,Wellington in action.


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Hi Wurger, it's possible for you scanner the first 10 pages of Wellington MkIc squadron signal (the book), because I searched for many time this book, I haven't find this (attention: If possible:lol: ).


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There is a pic of fixed ring at a front part of the Ju-52 fuselage.
Source unknown.


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No really, it looks like a huge hula hoop hanging on the Ju-52 in a few of those photos. They even call it a ring in one of the things though the rest is in German so unsure of the rest...

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