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Imperial War Museum Duxford....... has many Air shows, here's my feed back from the 2005 Flying Legends Air Show

Flying Legends Air Show 2005.

Having attempted to hit London two days before and the train I stepped on were cancelled (Bomb blast). I decided to convert the train tickets to Cambridge for the Flying Legends Air Show I had a ticket for.
The day of said show arrived and here I am the day afterwards, having taken 4 buses and 6 trains and forked out a shed load of money (well a shed load in my terms), to tell you that every effort and every penny was well worth it. What a fantastic day, even without the suntan I got and the rather tasty wine I took and drank, it was an outstanding and amazing day.
So to those who love planes and even to those who do not, I say to you get you butt there next year, you will not be disappointed. There were folk from all over the world and no wonder, it is one heck of a show.
There were moments I tingled from head to toe at the sight of some the planes they pulled out; the commentary by Sean Maffett and Bernard Chabbert was both informative and funny.

The displays were amazing, of course I went to see the beloved Lancaster and I wasn't disappointed it taxied right in front of me and then flew off into the sky along with a Spitfire. (Lancaster B1 PA474) (Spitfire 11A P7350).

However, I have to say I was charmed by many a plane and many a display, I was really taken by the performance of a Tigercat (F7F-3P) who's display was non too shabby. There were several other cats up there are one point (Wild, Hell, and Bear).

Seeing two B25s go up into the air and form a display at the same time was tad magic. I had also long wanted to see a Thunderbolt in flight and again there she was.

One of the tastiest displays in my mind was when two Mustangs flying together so tight, it looked like they were glued. There were a good few clever manoeuvres by Corsairs, a Gladiator, Hawk, Yak and even a Catalina and DC3.

But seeing 8 spitfires go up into the air at the same time was a bit special, as was when well over 20 planes all hit the sky together in one tip top tastic fly past at the end of the show.

Blooming magic I tell ya, all of it.

It was also my first visit to Duxford's splendid Imperial War Museum which I would recommend to anyone to visit, and also my first time walking through a 'Concord' display plane, which just added to the whole event.

So here endeth my feed back from the Flying Legends Air Show (pics to follow) and I look forward to a better quality and expert feed back from the lads from this site who also went along. (remember boys I am still learning….hope I did ok).
I got 278 pictures - it was excellent. The weather wasn't too good during the morning but it began to clear up during the flights - an excellent show with only one hitch - the F8F Bearcat wasn't flying. :(

Here's just one of my many - I will start adding them into my personal gallery.


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I didn't see you, track. I kept an eye out but there were so many people, I really just gave in actively lookin' for you. My 'party' had left when the Rapide went up - we saw the fire engines just goin' in though, we were on the way out.

When did it catch fire?
If you go next year I'll make an announcement over the tannoy and we can meet by the Shackleton's tail.
I have a couple of aftermath shots and may have a bit of wobble video
but I was walking backwards at the time as the fire was right by the starboard fuel tank which is located in the nassal behind the engine and they where busy evacuating the plane, It looked like a oil line had ruptured and was ignited by the manifold but of course with doped wings it soon went up, lost most of its lower starboard wing covering the owner looked a bit sick lost his days takings.
I thought the refreshment kiosks bloody over charged by a mile I'm going to complain to the museum one place wanted £1.60 for a bleeding Coca Cola they should limit the amount they are allowed to charge or not give them the franchise. One tried to charge me £4.40 for a burger and a Coke I told him to stuff it up his arse and walked away.
:lol: Yeah - they were extremely over-price. I had one burger, I think it was like £2.60 but I was freakin' starving since I hadn't had anything to eat all day.

It was a real shame the Bearcat didn't get to fly - but I think that pilot made up for it in the Hawk-75 as the joker.

I got three prints too - I'll have to take a picture of 'em when I get them up. I got one of a Spitfire, one of Mustangs and one of 11 Sqn. Lightnings (for my dad) ...£30! - but they're good.
Well. there is a commonality between us for air shows there. Where else but an air show can you pay too much for crappy food. At Camarillo last year, it was $5.00 for just a hamburger! I work both days at the show, so I will be packing a lunch this year. I do pay too much for breakfast, but at least that one is a fund raiser for the 99s. Plus I can't think of anywhere else you can get a cup of Starbucks for $1.50.
Too be honest Evan I don,t like Starbucks coffee I have always found I prefer the coffee from the small roadside diners. I'm goner have to persuade the Missus :rolleyes: to let me come over to your show Evan. You'll have to give me all the details so I can work out how many bazookas it will cost me if I managed to go.
I only got one print D, off the FAA stand. Obviously of Stringbags limited addition of 70 prints mounted with two squares of fabric from the plane used in the film sink the Bismark and there signed by the crews of planes that actually attacked and knackered her rudders. £80 :shock: mega bucks for me.
I can take or leave Starbucks myself and to be honest, I like the coffee at McDonalds the best. Maybe because I am a cheap ass! :lol: Our show is in August. I have heard they have scaled it back a bit this year, unfortunately, so I am not sure what the program will be. I am going to try and find out this weekend when I go down there for my presentation.I will be presenting about the C-46 Commando on Saturday. I plan to have a veteran who was a radio operator to help out.

Wow, 80 quid for that! But those limited edition type things always go for megabucks. I have a couple of those types of things, but keep those kinds of purchases to a minimum. But I broke down and bit the bullet when I saw a mahgany P-40 model in the Flying Tigers colors, signed by Tex Hill!
You just have to get them don't you Evan? I think August may be a bit too short notice but I going to seriously try for next year.
You should rig up a pc web cam then we could all earwig in on your presentations. Evan goes trans continental, brilliant. Id be happy to donate a few quid to your museum funds you could have a small link fee with coded access.
That wouldl be cool, but we don't have any better than dialup access at the museum, and cash is always short at the museum. I do have a few on video, but they go about half an hour to an hour, so they get pretty big. Plus the video is just me as a talking head, not showing the slides, which keeps it more interesting. Maybe one of these days, I should edit one up with the slides.
Yes then he has a go because I cocked up the title too the Lanc pic, no "that dont look bad" or "I dont like that pic TE" just "you got the name wrong ,so there. yah boo sucks to you"
Im cut to the quick Lanc :cry: :lol: :lol:
Yeah - he's the same with me. There was no "Great pictures of the Lancaster, pD" just a "I want more!" :rolleyes: :lol:
I am off to Walney Airshow on Saturday

It is Walney's first full size Airshow. so if anyone is up near the Cumbria Area on Saturday, it is looking good
took this (below) off a Walney local site, if it is of interest to anyone:
The show taking place at Walney Airfield on the 16th July looks set to be the biggest aviation event in Cumbria in 2005. The organisers are hoping to pull in the following displays according to


Falcons Parachute Team (C)(F)
Battle Britain Memorial Flight (C)(F)
BAE Hawk T1 (C)(F)
Grob Tutor (C)(F)
Westland Sea King (C)(F)
P-51D Mustang (C)(F+S)- R.Davies
P-51D Mustang (C)(F+S)- M.Hammond
Spitfire T.IX (C)(F+S)- C.Grace
Spitfire T.IX (C)(F+S)- A.Hodgson
Spitfire PR XI (C)(F+S)- P.Teichman
Hawker Hurricane (C)(F+S)- RAC
Harvard (C)(S)- A.Hodgson
DHC-1 Chipmonk (C)(S)- A.Hodgson
Avro Anson (C)(S)- Air Atlantic
F-86 Sabre (C)(F)- ARCO
Hawker Hunter (C)(F)- XE601
Miles Magister (C)(S)- RAC
PBY Catalina (C)(F+S)
B-17 'Sally B'(C)(F)
Utt-Butterlys (C)(F+S)
Yakovlevs (C)(F+S)
Steen Skybolt (C)(F+S)B.Tempest
Extra 300 (C)(F+S)
MBB 105 (C)(S)- NW Air Ambulance
Beech King Air (C)(S)- BAe Systems
Panavia Tornado GR1 (C)(S)- BAe
Eurofighter Typhoon - BAe Mock Up
(C)= Confirmed
(S)= Static only
(F)= Flying only

The organisers are hopeful of some USAF attendance, plus a surprise visitor, but i'm sworn to secrecy!



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