Aircraft Identification V

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Thanks very very much Sal.:D:D
I look forward to receiving information and data on aircraft in caption.
If you prefer you may answer by MP or use my email address (I sent you an email today)

I found this photo in Подземелья КÑ'нигсберга • ПросмоÑ'Ñ€ Ñ'емы - Ð'оенное Ñ"оÑ'о Пруссии 1944-1945

Can anyone identify which Bf-109 variant is?
You've got to love the genius that thought "why has there never been a jet biplane? I kn ow, I'll make one!" :D

I remember this coming out in the late 70's and REALLY hoping it would be a success. The first non military type I ever rooted for :)

Actually, there was a jet-powered biplane once before, but this was long before the turbine engine was even a fever dream. 1910 to be exact. The man who deisgned and built this was Henri Coanda. It was actually an early ducted fan, and helped Coanda to think of what we now call the Coanda Effect, which simply means that moving air is sticky. The Coanda Effect eventually led to, among other Fowler flaps.
Well done Graeme - and bonus kudos to Tzaw1! The Avro went through various changes in its life but it seems Avro could not persuade anyone to buy it. Which makes me wonder what was wrong with it as, to my modern eyes, it doesn't look like it would be any worse than other contemporary designs. Its a shame you found the 4 motor version as I was going to use that after a few more pics just as a test :lol:

Advertising images are a great source from the 30's and 40's. You get a feel for what they *wanted* the plane to look like, Like the Heyford image below with its very refined fuselage, in comparison with what was built. They are also a good source for the first images of a type. Earlier in the thread I posted an image from Westland for what became the wyvern, taken fromm a wartime advert when its development had only just begun and its existance was top secret. Similarly there is a Blackburn ad that was printed in 1936/37 showing a 'generic' advanced monoplane in a dive that was revealed, several months later, and with a Mercury radial, rather than the 'Kestrel type' of the ad, to the the Skua, also below.

Finally, at the very bottom, is your next, image :)

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My father flew this Northrop K5053 at Filton a number of times in 1938/39
29.11.38. 40mins
23.1.39. 95 mins
17.2.39. 130 mins
27.2.39. 120 mins
1.3.39. 95mins
2.3.39. 95mins
3.3.39. 90mins
6.3.39. 90mins
21.3.39. 55mins
23.3.39. 70mins
24.3.39. 95mins
31.3.39. 100mins
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