Aircraft Names

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
Right, allot of aircraft were given names by their crews as you know, bombers and fighters alike, what's your favourite aircraft name and do you have a picture of it perhaps?
"Maulin' Ass" but I've only seen the bird on a video so you don't get the pleasure of seeing it.
My favorites are Karaya and that is already pictures and Memphis Belle. Here is a picture of Memphis Belle.


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Believe it or not. It did exist. 43rd BG in the Pacific. The B24 actually survived the war and ended up at Tuscon for chopping up. The wrecking crew put it aside for a few years just cause they liked it so much.

The artist also did some other spectacular paint jobs.

The Collings Foundation painted their B24 this scheme and kept it on for a few years, to honor all the B24 crews in the PTO/CBI
Yeah but did the nose art look like that. I have seen some Dragon and his Tail nose art before that was less graphic. Not that I mind, I think it is great artwork.
Here's one of mt Favs - Looks like the artist might of been from the middle of Mississippi.....


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Well damn I guess the Dragon and Its Tail that I saw was a repro paint job and done less graphic. Good stuff there I have to say I really like her.
The Dragon And His Tail" Was that a formation ship?
May not be the correct term for it. I know that in WW-2 the US used brightly painted ships to get a bomber group in formation before sending them on the mission. The formation ship returned to base when the group was on its way. I don't see any mission markings on The Dragon And His Tail" or I missed them.

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