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Airman 1st Class
Sep 27, 2004
you folks are probably going to scoff and hoot, but anyone know where I can capture and download AirWolf pics from the 80's TV show? Does anyone have any I can have? Thanks.....
well Ernest Borgnine always reminded me of one of my uncle's for one thing....aloways like the paint scheme for another....
Watch Ernest in the Oscar winning Bad Day at BlackRock BW, a real classic film with Spencer Tracy brilliant stuff .
I dont know if you have it but I'll stick the theme tune to Airwolf on here when I get home from work.
there's something about that entire generation that inspires me...Men like Spencer Tracy and women like Nancy Kulp ('Miss Jane' on the Beverely Hillbillies)....remember the spy spoof "Get Smart"? Don Adams was a US Marine the was wounded on Guadalcanal, get a diease that damn near killed him and affect his voice box...he was then transferred to become a Marine DI.
Theres two programes that I really loved (Get Smart The Beverely Hillbillies). I pissed me self when Jethro tried to copy Odd Job out of Gold Finger and knocked himself out everytime he put his hat on,then he put a fucking great spring under the Model T's passenger seat like 007's Aston and fired Grandma up a tree. Shit that was a funny series. :lol: :lol:

Oh by the way heres the theme tune I said I would post for you BW


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Just a couple of thumbs


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The Star of the show Jan Michael Vincent became a real piss-tank. Howard Stern used to have him on his show, the guy was always wasted....
it was a silly show, but fun to kids played hours and hours pretending they were flying the machine....
I always did like the aircraft out of Blue Thunder better. I think that was a modified AH-64D Apache Longbow or at least it always looked that way in the images of it...
No it was not...

Does not look anything like it.

The helicopter was a French Gazelle that was modified with bolt on parts.

Look at the pics for comparison.

The 1st is a Longbow, the 2nd is a Gazelle and the 3rd and 4th are the "Blue Thunder". The last one is actually the real blue thunder at the studios.


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I channel hopped and landed on an Airwolf episode by accident, and stayed
to watch because, of all things, the Airwolf was dogfighting an F4U Corsair
over Southern California. Airwolf won, of course, but it was interesting
for the nice air-to-air shots.
As a kid, I love watching Airwolf. Then after making aviation a career and flying every day. I realized that that stuff is just fake!

The problem is that people that have no clue believe it. I had Coolio ask me when I flew him around Kosovo on a USO tour if we could put the helicopter in Whisper mode when we are on combat ops.


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