American Aircraft Naming Conventions

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Dec 19, 2006
P38, P39, P40.... P43..... P47... P80.... P82.... F-86 (i'm not trying to name them all, that isnt my point)

I'm assuming that the intermediate numbers never made it off the drawing board?

Are the nomenclatures truly sequential?
At what time in the process are the numerical designations bestowed?
You forgot the following production fighters:

P-61 (Black Widow)
P-63 (Kingcobra)


P-70 (A-20 night fighter, sort of production)

But you can go here:

USAAC/USAAF/USAF Fighter Designations

for a list of all USAAC/USAAF/USAF fighter designations, including prototypes, loan fighters and one-offs/experimentals.

as i stated in by post, i wasnt attempting to list them all

>>(i'm not trying to name them all, that isnt my point)

thanks for the link
I don't know the official answer to that, but had always assumed the official alpha-numeric designation was granted when Gov't acquisition was let.
The link provided by jabber was helpful

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