armament convergence

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Dec 7, 2006
How far was the point of armament convergece for Fw 190 and Bf 109?? I only know that it could be fixed by the pilots wish, but how far was it set in the factory??
I would guess it wasn't necessarily "set" at the factory at all.

They would be installed in the Zero position and on acceptance to a unit would then be tuned in the gun stops.

Szczezne The guns were set at the pilots request of convergence. In most cases these were around 200 meters for guns to 150 meters for cannon. But remember, those are the basics, they were fine tuned as the pilot got more air time. I think to start they began at 350 guns, 300 cannon. Will double check and get back to you. They tried to make the pilot get as close to the other aircraft as possible as to not waste ammo. As in any dogfight if you can`t see the whites of their eyes and grinding the tail with your prop You are not close enough. LMAO
It wont be of any help RE the -190 and -109 but during the BoB the official RAF convergance was 650yards which was huge for the .303s, so most went down to 200-300yards............
If my knowlege is correct not all pilots could change everytching on their planes. The aces could do what they want but the rest wasn't so free in thei behaviour:lol:
new pilots could ask for it to be changed i guess but there'd be little point as the long convergance helped with their marksmanship, when a few kills had been racked up and they had more experience then the distance would be shortend..........

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