Asia's biggest tank collection; The PLA Tank Museum

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Oct 12, 2011
Hi Guys, images from the PLA Tank Museum, north of Beijing. I heard about this museum before I went to China, so was quite disappointed to be told it was closed once I got there. This is despite the sign outside advertising that it was open. Located on the grounds of a military base, I had a difficult time persuading the guards at the gate that I'd come a long way to visit, but eventually a more senior officer appeared who reluctantly agreed to take me round himself, which was very kind of him. The collection is quite big and is Asia's only dedicated tank museum, so I had to get in to see it. The guy who showed me round even gave me a gourd ("good luck", he said) and insisted on having his photograph taken with me, but wouldn't allow me to take his! I had to leave the gourd in China as I was going to Korea the next day. Link to more pictures and descriptions below.

Type 96

T-34/85 2

Type 63-I

SU-152s 2

Type 59s row

M5A1 3

Link to more pictures: PLA Tank Museum
If you ever visit Finland, there is a tank museum in Parola, near Tampere. About 1hr drive from Helsinki airport. There you'll find
Renault FT-17,Vickers-Carden-Loyd,T-26,T-28,T-50,T-60,T-70,BT-42,T-34,T-34-85,JSU-152,KV-1,KV-1E,T-54,T-55M,T-72M1,ZSU-57-2,BTR-50,BTR-60,BTR-80,BMP-1,PT-76,Leopard 2A4,StuG "Sturmi", Panzerkampfwagen IV,M2 White,Landsverk Anti II,M4 Sherman,Patria AMV,Patria AMV AMOS,MT-LB,Charioteer,Comet and many more .
The Armour Museum, Parola,Finland - Home page

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