Automatic Flight Control Systems

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Dec 11, 2015

I believe that the RAF and USAAF both had some type of AFCS to assist pilots and bombardiers. I found a short article on the use of it (USAAF). Question, did the Luftwaffe have similar devices? Are there any manuals around to show operation of these systems (RAF, USAAF or Luftwaffe)?
I have seen manuals for the USAF Type C-1 autopilot on the internet occasionally. This was a common autopilot used on the US heavy bombers in WWII. The image below is from an early-war (I think) manual:

Type C-1 Autopilot [early] manual.jpg
Really am sorry about the mistake I made, has anyone seen similar for the RAF or Luftwaffe?
Thanks so much for the ASKANIA manual...

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