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Aug 11, 2006
New Zealand
Hi all. 8)

Me again.

Who here is a fan of the Avro Lancaster besides me, Crippen and Lanc? I was thinking we could share the information we gathered about the most famous of all British bombers....

Anyone got models of WW2 bombers? I'll post pics of my three when I can.
I was a fan of it throughout the hotter summer months when it needed cooling down, but now winter has set in ive been unplugged and put in the cupboard until the next heatwave.
Hey CC.

James here.

You heard of Peter Jacobs' book, "Lancaster Story"?. I reckon that this book covers everything you need to know about the Lanc. By the way, I'm getting five model Lancs on Wednesday. If I keep going, I will have a squadron.


Hey Lanc.

So what you're saying is that you want to be the best Lancaster researcher on this forum? Did you know anyone who flew them during the war? My great uncle flew and died in them, got a medal, then dissapeared somewhere in the North Sea after bombing Hamburg on July 30, 1943.


Maybe we could get a list of all Lancaster fans on this forum then, and we could share our wealth of information on the mighty "Lanc".
:lol: not quite hey CC :lol:

and na james it's just a joke, i know there are others here that like the lanc and we can all learn off each other, you just gotta ask questions! and this thread should serve fine for finding out who likes the lanc.........
Hey Lanc. :D

Me again.

Just wondering, you got photos of NX665, New Zealand's Lancaster bomber, at MOTAT, in Auckland? If not, I'll post some to you. I'm going to Auckland in early next year, so I might be able to send some interior pics to you.

i have a walk around over a 3 year period of NX665 already thanks, but yeah any of your own pictures will make a welcome addition to my growing collection if you're willing, this coming week i'm at school but the week after that i'll have a week off to do a bit more to my nose art collection...............

Send a letter to MOTAT, with some details about your Great Uncle.

The restoration crews work on Wednesdays, so time your visit for then and you may be allowed get those interior shots you are after.
Hello Guys
Finally some exciting and surprising news out of Windsor this evening. Apparently the CH2a group that looks after the Lancaster FM212 that was formerly on display in Jackson park, Have been given the go ahead to move the Lancaster over to Windsor Airport in the Spring of 2007! Once details are finalised in the next day or so, I will post more information. The Lancaster will be placed in a brand new building upon arrival at the airport and restoration will finally begin!:p
additional info

Hello Everyone,

At their meeting on Monday Oct. 30, 2006, Windsor City Council unanimously approved the relocation of their Lancaster Bomber FM212 from its temporary storage area to Windsor Airport under the stewardship of our group, the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association. The move is to take place in the spring of 2007. We should have the date for that shortly.

The whole process of saving Lanc 212 and bringing it down off its pedestal to be restored has been a long time coming, and has taken a great deal of time and patience. We can now continue on from where we left off when the Lancaster was removed from its pedestal in May of 2005, by bringing it to Windsor Airport where it can be housed in a new building, restored, preserved and displayed to the public.

Thanks to all of you for everything you've done… all the letters, phone calls, emails and the support in general for the Lanc 212 project has been worth the effort. Honoring our veterans and remembering our fallen airmen is what it's all about. Well done everyone!

Best regards,

Ed Curnutte

Project Manager
I'm a Lancaster fan.... I have a few virtual ones to fly when I want, still got a long way to go to finish them and I'm a long way behind Microsoft, but heh they started before me...


Hey CC.

James here.

You heard of Peter Jacobs' book, "Lancaster Story"?. I reckon that this book covers everything you need to know about the Lanc. By the way, I'm getting five model Lancs on Wednesday. If I keep going, I will have a squadron.



Hi James
I have only just signed up to this and I am only 14
But I thought I would tell you that the Lancaster Story by Peter Jacobs is actually my father
I am a huge fan of the Lanc. As lancasterman knows Windsor Ont had a Lanc on a pedestal in Jackson Park for as long as I can remember. My dad (being R.A.F.) took pictures of it as it was being offloaded from a barge in the Detroit river in the 50's I think. I spent many hours just walking around this majestic aircraft quietly contemplating what it must have been like for the young men who flew her. Back then in my early teens my thoughts were of how romantic and exciting it must have been to fly in her. Today I wonder how terrifying it must have been. I am glad to hear that it is going to be restored. Lancasterman do you know if it is going to be restored to flying condition?
Hi again guys.

I started a "Lancaster WW2 Ops" thread for anything to do with the Lanc in regards to operations, specs, and memories any of you may have of stories that any relatives who flew the Lanc may have told you.

I'm a big fan of the lancaster.....
And i just found out that a guy lives near us who was in 617 squadron..... must try to talk to the old guy.... it would be very interesting and provide me with more information and the like.....
Yeah, that would be interesting to talk to him. As a side note, how many Kiwi
and Australian airmen were in 617 Squadron during the entire war?
I see one question on this thread remain unanswered. The book "Lancaster Story" is a good source of information about the great aircraft of all time. But in my opinion it does not cover all of the information, nor any single book available today does. Even "The Lancaster Manual" does not mention about the sizes of engine nacelles.


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