AWM releases service records......

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Feb 6, 2007
Melbourne, Victoria
The Australian War Memorial in Canberra has released all the WW1 service records in online format. Took a total of 3 years of uploading..

National Archives of Australia - The Collection - Defence - World War One

I researched my mothers grandfather..

Turns out he was in France in the 6th Company Engineers as a driver...

He came home too..

20pages of his career 14-19 were copied onto my computer........certainly very interesting for us and other families doing the same thing.

Now I wish they would do the same for the WW2 records...

My grandfather was in the RAAF and I'm very curious about his career...
Yes excellent. The national archieves website also has about 18 million documents, reports etc online. Lots of RAAF ORB's etc, great for research.

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