B-58 Hustler....

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Aug 21, 2006
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Could it have been done better, was it money well spent, was she good?






I watched its first takeoff in 1956, if memory serves. I was stationed at Carswell AFB and was in the picnic area on base near Lake Worth. I remember when it landed, wondering at the long, spindly-looking landing gear. It was a month or so later before I saw the plane rolled.out with a pod under the fuselage. Then it made sense. Definitely a beautiful aircraft, almost as good-looking as the XB-70.
re "was it money well spent"

I think yes. The knowledge gained was very useful in the following decades. Plus, it kind of had to be tried at some point, and the 1950s and 1960s was a time of extreme development rates in aerospace technologies.
I remember them flying over my house in western Nevada in the mid-1960s.

They weren't low enough to make out any details (in fact, they usually were leaving contrails), but there weren't many alternatives for a multi-engine aircraft that made a sonic boom.

My first aircraft model (sort of, the plastic was flexible and was from a one-piece mold) was a red B-58 - about 1:144 scale (8" long).
They were Beautiful A/C & Technological wonders of the time, but they were very expensive to operate, had a high accident rate, and the most damming thing I ever heard about them was by a SAC Officer that said something like "The B-58 is the perfect A/C if we ever go to war with Canada again" I wish I could remember what officer said it.

Still a Beauty to behold.

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