B24, B17, B25 and B29 at IWM Duxford

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Apr 6, 2005
Another video clip of the best bombers of WW2 at Duxford....

low res first for those who still live in a cave...


  • us-bombers-of-ww2-sm_418.wmv
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This file was created from an analog camcorder via a Hauppage TV card and then converted via MS Windows Movie Maker... this version has better res hence the larger file size... let me know what you prefer...

Tomorrow's video will be a clip of Grumman's Wildcat and Hellcat at IWMD.


  • us-bombers-of-ww2-lg_501.wmv
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So, if you want it or not, you are, in some way of Polish descent :lol:

Sopotnia Wielka, let me see on the map........

I think I got it. It's a village about 50 km south from Oświęcim (Auschwitz) and 60-70 km SW from Kraków, near Plish-Czech border. Really nice neighbourhood, mountains, brewery in Żywiec... 8)
Yes I am half-Polish... my mum is a Brit.

I live 30 odd miles from Duxford heading west in the New City of Milton Keynes - not far from Cranfield...

I have never been to a Duxford airshow... can you believe it... we went the day before once... great for watching the Spits arrive... another load of prime footage queued up for conversion and posting...

Also I have never been to Poland - only flown through Polish airspace... I like Zywiec beer tho!
We have airshows where I live in Canada, but the closest good WWII aircraft displays are in eastern Ontario. The distance from here to there is pretty close to the distance between Poland and England. :(

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