Jimmy Doolittle, target Tokyo. The Doolittle Raid. Biography, interview, and documentary

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I had the honor of standing parade guard for Gen Doolittle on 5 May 1989 as he was the parade marshal for our air-show that day at Chanute AFB. Crummy weather, low ceiling and intermittent snow, yet the Thunderbirds still flew in his honor. I stood on the route and helped manage traffic in my issue greatcoat, but I got to lay eyes and salute the man as he passed.

!942 to 1989, for me it was history being passed down. For a young airman as I was, it felt like taking the torch. This is the guy I read about and idolized as a boy. Now I'm standing in his presence. Very few salutes I ever threw were more earnest. That was an honest "present arms".
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I was fortunate to meet Gen. Doolittle at the gala receptions for the opening of NASM in '76. I hung around as long as discretion allowed, listening to conversations, especially with his long time friend, Gen. Ben Kelsey who was to become the second Lindbergh Scholar. Especially remarkable was that his reception companion was Anna Chennault.

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