Best Aerobatic Team?

Best Aerobatic Team

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Jan 9, 2004
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Who are the Best Aerobatic Team? Obviously my vote goes to the Frecce Tricolori.

If I missed any tell me and I'll add em.

Frecce Tricolori

Red Arrows


Blue Angels

Russian Knights

(Sorry some of the pictures arent that great)
i think the Red arrows are the best ones.
ive seen them in action once, and that really made an impact.

tough.. theyre all really great :)
Yes you have missed out one CC the Aerostars my local team from Weald Airdrome, for a civillian team who supply their own aircraft (Yak 50's52's) I think they put on a very good show.
Theres a bit of video on their site


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I voted for the Blue Angels. I have seen them all up there and I like the Blue Angels the best. I think they are all great though. I also really like what I saw the Russians do with there Mig-29's and Su-27's.
Of the ones that I have seen it has to be the Red Arrows but I havn't seen the Blue Angels or the Thunderbirds so cannot really give a final answer.
Ive seen them all up there. The Thunderbirds are great but the Blue Angels are deffinatly better.

One team that I really really like (I can not remember there name though) is the British Helicopter Acrobatic Team. They are really great. They use Lynx and Gazelle helicopters. Was a really good show.
i like the russion stunt pilots with their mig-29 very much.
is there a stunt team with F-15?
snowbirds? Who uses the F-15 for acrobatics? I know that no US team (or atleast one that I have heard of uses them) The Thunderbirds use the F-16 and the Blue Angels use the F-18.
too bad.. i think with the thrust to weight ration of the f-15.. it could stunt pretty well.
Some of the Angels close flying looks bloody close to me as a layman.
I think each team has its specialties so its very hard to pick one, the Arrows precision is superb and the Frecce are very elegant and using the tenth plane is unique to them.
So I'm not going to vote for any single team as each pilot is amongst the elite aviators around the world.
You just hit the nail there track. They are all very very good and each has what they do the best in. I will just never ask the Frecce Tricolori to do the heart maneuver that they did at the Rammstein Airshow. I was there and it was not pretty. Many people got hurt and some pilots lost there lives.
I have not had the pleasure to see the European shows but I have seen a half dozen private teams, the Thunderbirds, Snowbirds, and the Blue Angels they are all great but so far the Blue Angels seem to have a wider range of maneuvers so I'll give them the nod.

I have heard there is an F-15 team that will start shows next year. I think they are mostly east coast and support for the Thunderbirds but it will be a great show.

what makes the snowbirds different is they don't use a support a/c the gnd
fly with with pilots with one spare bird total compliment of 22


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I saw the Frecce Tricolori at Toronto Island Airport about a month before their horrible accident. Upon takeoff the outside aircraft rolled upside down with the landing gear down, retracted their gear as the inside aircraft did the same thing in the opposite direction, then they sucked their gear in. They climbed out upide down then righted them selves, the outside aircraft rolling left, the inside aircraft rolling right. They did this while remaining about 5 feet from each other. Totally Awesome!!!!
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