Best British jet to send to Korea 1950-53?

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I think the Aussies will say their one and the Canadians their one. Both are large countries with dispersed air bases but the climate is totally different and may be a factor that the Canadians built for and the Aussies did not need to.
yes please
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The Mk 32 Saber from CAC was a little faster, had 2 30mm cannons, and had the same external armament. The CAC Saber was heavier, the Canadair Saber had a slightly higher service ceiling. I'd go with the CAC Saber because of the cannon armament.

with only two guns they will have the punch if they work as planned. I seem to remember that in Wackett's memoirs there were lots of issues with those guns in the Sabre but it is many years since I read it.

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