Best Long Range Fighter of WWII

Best long Range Fighter (over a 1,000 miles) of the 1940's

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Feb 8, 2006
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I'll try to really stick with the 1,000 mile radius and more. It's a multiple choice poll, so if somebody really can't decide with 1 you can always vote for 2!:lol:

A thanks to the Moderators for adding the Spitfire Mk VIII to the poll at my request.

Do any of the moderators on here want to add the P-47D to the list? Even though it had trouble getting to Berlin, later on when they added drop tanks it improved it's range to 1,800 miles. Even though I have the P-47N on the list, some may want to vote for the P-47D instead with it's larger combat use in the European Theater in WWII.

Sorry, but this poll increased my knowledge of how far aircraft could go. When I started the poll, I was thinking the P-51D and P-47N, with the P-38 lagging behind in popular opinion. (Actually the P-38 is lagging behind. :()

The Ta-152 has caused an upset in the voting.

Oh, and by the way. If somebody knows of a Bf 109 or FW 190 variant that could go over a 1,000 miles then you can add it in too. But I don't think there ever was.
In that case I have to go with the P-51D. I am not a fan of the P-51D but she had the best range for the job.

Hands down the best when taking in the "big picture".

I am not a big fan of the P-51 either b/c of all the P-51 nuthuggers around but I have to give the devil his due......long range ever was the P-51.

Don't all you P-51 nuthuggers think that this means I like the P-51.....:evil: :evil:

(runner up would be the P-38)

Silly me, but while deciding this poll I have a problem.

What would you say was the better long range fighter, P-51D or P-51H?

Should I have both together or seperatly or not at all?
Well, I know but it still had the range. And I actually am including aircraft that were being built and designed during WWII too.

Too late I saw the XP-P-47J had a range of 1,070 miles! I should have added it!

Oh well, it was only a prototype. At least for the Spitfire XXII over 200 of it were built.

I did realize that a few later versions of the Spitfire IX could go over 1,000 miles but it was said it hurt it's manuverability, a vital thing for a Spitfire. Meanwhile the Spitfire XIV couldn't go a 1,000 miles with guns on it's wings, only if it flew as a photo reconnaissance version. So thats why I added the last variant of Spitfire to compensate this difficulty, since it had a huge range.

Just wondering, since there may be mad experts about this, was there ever a Bf 109 that could go over 1,000 miles?

I couldn't find a thing.

Did I miss anything else?
:shock: Spitfire fans kill me.

I went over the variants of the Spitfire and found out this: That the Spitfire Mk VIII could travel over a 1,000 miles! The Spitfire VIII was better than the Spitfire V!

I'm wondering if I should start a new poll. Or.


Nobody has voted much anyway except Jank, who loves the P-47 anyway.

LOL! I'm so ranting.

And by the way, I have gained a new respect for the Ta-152. It's almost the only fighter the Germans had with such range, and good performance to boot. The 110 was a poor performer compared to what the Allies had.

Best long range escort fighter. I vote P-51D.
Best Long range don't mess with me fighter. I vote P-47D.

But if my life depended on it. I'd fly the Spitfire Mk.VIII. :)
P-47N for me folks. it had longer range, about 2,000 miles (3,200 km) compared to the P-51D Mustang 1,650 mi (2,655 km) with external tanks.
It was faster too....

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