Best medium bomber?

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i think this has to be split in two, Medium attack bombers and medium strateigic bombers, the B-25 is a strike bomber for example, the wellington a medium strateigic bomber.............
I think the B-25 and the Mossie probably fit the bill the best. In both the METO and the PTO (includes the CBI) the B-25 did it's share and then some.

In the ETO and over the Atlantic the Mossie was great (of course thats what it was designed for).

Medium bombers are really Tactical aircraft Gunships truly are but the Wellington and B-26 were more effective at level bombing small targets so they were more Strategic than Tacticle. That's about the best split I can think of.
The Ju-88, was 1 of the best medium range bombers,I am surprised it didnt get any votes.


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mosquitoman said:
B-25 for attacking a large target eg a ship or an airfield. Mossie for pinpoint bombing of a building

Better tell Coastal Command that they used their Mossies incorrectly.
The plane depends on the rule, If we are talking on a dive bombing mission, Id rather be in a Ju-88 or the "timber terror"(Mossies),
If high altetuid bombing, Then the B-26 no qustion.


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