Better Mousetrap? Finnish version of 109

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Jan 18, 2007
Trying to find more photos to help model my finnish HK-1, I stumbled on this photo.

All I could find out is its called the Pyoerremyrsky. Its the Finnish version of the 109 but without the narrow undercarriage plus other improvements. Does anyone know anything about it?

I visited Vantaa Aviatian Museum in 2005 but it wasn't their then. Neither was the Bufallo or the Hurricane in original war time colours.:cry:


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Thanks Cyrano. Bit off topic but do you know anything about the record breaking Heinoneon HK-1. The museum in Vantaa was very kind to make copies of all the information they have and allowed me to survey the plane but I am having diffcultity finding out the original cockpit colour.
From above,
"The prototype had severe problems, Finnish glue was of poor quality and there were problems with mounting the engine, although I'm not completely sure what they were. As a fighter it was not as maneuverable as 109 and at 6400m it's top speed was 620 km/h. Climb to 5000m was 4,5 minutes, service ceiling 11 000 meters. The prototype had two 12,7mm machine guns as armament."

According to William Green's Complete Book of Fighters, could "outclimb the Bf 109G-6 and was more manoeuvrable, but, as no funds were available for the purchase of new aircraft for Ilmavoimat and sufficient Bf109Gs remained to equip the Ilamavoimien fighter force that was permitted under the Armistice terms, the prototype was grounded after 30 hours flying and the programme terminated".
BigZ, sorry, I have no further information on HK-1. I have seen it though, but I didn't peek inside the cockpit.

Thanks anyway Cyrano. I have photographed the cockpit extensively unfortunately the cockpit has been repainted since the record. Currently trying to contact the original pilot/designer Juhani Heinonen.
Is it just me or with the wide stance of the new landing gear, it looks more like a Macchi c202. Ya think?
More of a cross between the Heinkel He 100 and the the 109 it seems to me.
I often wondered why the flaws in the 109 were never fixed.

This Finnish craft has what seems a better canopy and wide track undercarriage. It is odd that the Germans could never do this.

German pilots were killed due to this design.
The Germans modified late war Bf-109s with longer tailwheels. thicker main wheels and the erla clear vision canopy.

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