Bf 109 E3(?) identity anyone?

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Nov 23, 2006
This photo has never been seen before on the net or anywhere else, found it in a junk shop in Germany early 80's and looks to be a 109 E but not sure, photo is in pretty good condition and about 6'' x 4.5'' b/w.


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Intresing picture!
Yeah, that's Emil, note the supercharger air intake on left side, but I can't specify variant (E-1, E-3?). Thus "devil sign" seems a personal emblem, I have never seen it before.

There is a "fabric plate" on the left lower corner of the photo, can you read it? Try scan it again i better quality!
Tried scanning and enlarging slightly, sharpening etc but just cant make out any detail on the plate I am afraid, just wish i could identify the aircraft of personal emblem.
I can send a very high res scan to anyone who may be able to do anything with it.

Its an early version of the staffeln insignia of 2.JG54

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