Bf 109G-10 as a G-14/AS?

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Apr 1, 2010
I've got a Finemolds Bf 109G-10 (Mtt Reg) that i would like to build as a Bf 109G-14/AS (Mtt Reg). The two airframes are fairly similar, correct?

I've yet to see a single picture of Bf 109G-14/AS from ANR 1-18. I have the Skymodel decal sheet, but i'm hesitant to trust the colors they suggest (standard 1943-44 74, 75, and 76). Does anyone know if that is correct, or if it is a late war scheme (75/82?) or the even later green/brown scheme with NMF?

Any guidance or opinions are appreciated.
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Thanks to Fubar57's help, i now know that 780356 1-18 is an early G-14/AS. So my FM G-10 will not work so well. I might switch gears and built it as an Hungarian G-10 Diana. Also not 100% accurate, but close.

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