Biggin show - Spitfire then Vulcan hi res

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BTW I think it is great that this website allows such large files to be posted. I have all this stuff to share but there are so few outlets.
Heard of Winzip or WinRAR? On maximum compression they do a pretty nice job on compressing large files and they are free. Just post a link in one of your video things to where to get the program and you are away. To .zip or .rar the file could be your solution. It acts like a folder, you just tell it you want those files zipped or rared, tell it maximum compression, ignore any warnings and you are away on compressing it.
Depending on the video codec used, there may be a lot of compression already in the file. If that is the case, winzip will not compress it that much more. Same thing with binary files. I actually zipped a 2.5 MB binary file that zipped down to 2.38! Wow, yippee.
Thanks chaps. I think Evan is right. it's a bit dodgy posting zip files as sometimes people hide exe files in there with viruses and whatnot.
I continue to experiment when I have the time so will see what I can do. I recall posting a divx file as a zip but only coz the site will not let you post divx files (dunno why). That did not compress much either.
I have used Winzip and WinRar but prefer the former. More intuitive and I have been using it longer.
Basically I think there is no simple answer - it's a trade off of quality and size.
I could do torrents (which are fun for bootleg music and vids etc) but I suspect some on this site would be unfamiliar. Plus it is a learning curve working out how to make torrents. Still takes ages to download too.

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